Sun 8/15 | Umoja Banquet

Umoja Banquet
Sunday, August 15, 2018 2021
4 PM to 7 PM
Location: Warburton Park
2250 Royal Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Please come join us to celebrate the challenging yet successful 2021 season! We will have hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and bottled water. If you are concerned about COVID, you can bring your own food for yourselves instead of eating what are served.

Uniforms to be Returned

We are receiving your racing uniforms at banquet, and giving your deposit back if the uniforms are in original condition. It means they are washed, clean and dry, without lane sticker residue and in a Ziploc bag with your athlete’s name on. Please refer to Uniform Care page.

After this day, all deposit checks will be cashed. If you are not able to come to this event, please make an arrangement with Coach B ASAP.

Umoja T-shirts

If you have ordered and have not picked up your T-shirts, you can pick them up at Banquet.

Thank You Messages to Coaches

If you have messages to Umoja Coaches, you can drop a line on this page.